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URGENT – Medicaid is in danger!

Your Senators must hear from you about the importance of Medicaid in the lives of people with disabilities. CALL AND EMAIL TODAY.

The House-passed American Health Care Act (AHCA) will cut over $800 billion from the federal share of Medicaid, and the Senate recently proposed a similar reduction. These reductions will impact, or eliminate, regular Medicaid Health coverage, including medications and MedicaidWaiver Community Services such as group homes, adult day training, Supported Employment, transportation, etc. for your family and friends.

Call and email Senator Rubio immediately! This is a time-sensitive issue – contact must be made June 28, 2017! Tell them your story, make it personal and share the how devastating it will be if your family member or friend loses their health care benefits or Medicaid Waiver services.

We need voices and numbers to influence the process and push the Senate to either stop the existing bill in its tracks or make substantial changes to it so that it does not harm those persons we serve. Do not underestimate how influential you can be. At the bottom of this message is contact information and a sample of what to say.

Please reach out to your senators today, and encourage others to join you.

Thank you,
Jim Whittaker
President/CEO, The Arc Jacksonville


Senator Marco Rubio:
904-354-4300 (Jacksonville office) | 202-224-3041 (DC office) | Email at


Dear Senator Rubio,

Please do not cut the Medicaid program. My son/daughter/family/friend, who has a developmental disability, relies on this program to be able to go to the doctor, to get important medicines and to receive essential services through the Medicaid Waiver program to have somewhere to live and to participate in the community. If you support these cuts, you will have a devastating effect on his/her life. Please vote in favor of my son/daughter/family/friend being able to live his/her best life. Please do not cut funding to the Medicaid program.


NAME, parent of ____

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