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What’s Next for Jermaine

Jermaine began attending The Arc Jacksonville’s Day Training Program and Mental Health Services program in 2009. When Jermaine started, he described himself as shy and not easy to communicate with. Through weekly group sessions, Jermaine has improved his communication skills and day–to-day interaction with his peers.

“The Arc has helped me to become more confident in my ability to do more things for myself,” he said.

Along with improved communication skills, The Arc Jacksonville has also helped Jermaine live independently through The Arc Jacksonville Village.

“Before I came to The Arc Jacksonville I wasn’t sure what steps to take to live on my own,” he said.

Jermaine says it was comforting to have The Arc Jacksonville helping him through the process. “It was nice to have help so I didn’t have to do it by myself,” he said.

Now that he’s living independently at The Arc Jacksonville Village, he’s excited about his independence.

“Living on my own makes me feel free to make my own choices,” he said.