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The Arc Residential Services…

The Arc Jacksonville residences are home to 44 adults with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. At three of the homes – Kaden Road, St. Nicholas and Grove House – six residents enjoy private bedrooms and share living/dining space.

Residential home

At the other two homes — Bert Road and Jammes Road –13 residents enjoy their private space and common areas in sprawling one-story residences built to accommodate a crowd.

Each home has a special personality derived from the people who have chosen to live there. The Bert Road “family” is on the go, participating in community activities often.  The Jammes Road “family,” however, is less able to physically move about so they enjoy “at home” activities. The smaller homes are likewise distinct. Kaden Road is an all-male, age 60+ environment. Grove House and St. Nicholas are co-ed, but the average age of Grove House residents is younger and the media-rich environment there suits the computer generation who call it home.

FlowerAlthough the routine of each group home includes shared meals and leisure time activities, individual residents have space for being apart from the group and time to work on personal goals for exercise, learning and hobbies. Individual care plans define each resident’s unique wellness routine including medications, therapies and nutrition guidelines.  Each participant strives to optimize their independence by increasing self-care, participating in house activities, and gaining community safety skills.

For more information about Residential Services, please Contact 904.355.0155 or email Janet Lawrence