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Day Programs and Services…

The Arc Jacksonville offers at both the downtown and Westside centers and at a new satellite location on the Southside, a selection of programs designed to maximize the capabilities of each participant. These offerings of employment, training and education are available five days a week throughout the year. Participants, in conjunction with their support team, select the services most suited to their abilities and in keeping with their personal goals.


Triumph Industries Day Program

Folding a boxThe Triumph Industries Day Program offers training in our production facilities at the Downtown and Westside locations. Program participants earn a paycheck while receiving coaching in the task of the day plus training to increase their job skills. In addition to this job-related training, participants receive training in social skills, workplace etiquette and safety and guidance in improving their independent living skills.

For more information on the Triumph Industries Day Program, please Contact 904.355.0155 or email Pat Goff

Triumph Industries Day Program Brochure/Fact Sheet


Discover Life Program

The Discover Life Program participants need extensive support to navigate through daily living routines and acquire new skills for self-care and self-advocacy. The Arc Jacksonville staff works with each person toward their unique goals for personal care, nutrition, communication and social skills. Together they strive for the maximum independence possible for each person.

Putting together a puzzleDiscover Life participants work on improving their mind and body. Their day includes mental exercises to increase reading and math aptitude and physical exercises to increase mobility and agility.

For more information about the Discover Life Program, please Contact 904.355.0155 or email Lisa Austin

Discover Life Flier



Social and Recreation Program

The SOARSocial Opportunities and Adult Recreation — Program participants seek a slower paced environment. Their open and brightly decorated space at the Westside location is perfect for moving through an array of social and leisure activities.

Onsite, SOAR participants engage in arts and crafts activities, play bingo or video games, and enjoy many group activities. Weekly outings include picnics in the park, trips to the movies, visits to the library, and sports activities such as fishing and bowling.

For more information about SOAR, please Contact 904.573.2805 or email Reesa Stanley

SOAR Brochure/Flier



Xplore is a hands-on community experience designed to give adults the skills needed to succeed in life. Through Xplore, participants attend six-to-eight week sessions to gain knowledge and independence. Session topics include volunteering, preparing for employment, fitness and recreation, financial planning, personal enrichment, transportation training and more.

For more information about Xplore, please Contact 904.434.7062 or email Suzziy Bellinger

Xplore Flier


Mental Health Services

Some Arc Jacksonville participants have both intellectual/developmental disabilities and disabling mental health concerns. Persons with this type of dual diagnosis receive specialized therapeutic education, typically in a group setting. They also earn a paycheck at a Triumph Industries workshop, either downtown or at the Westside location. The Arc Jacksonville is unique in its willingness to join these individuals on a journey toward the financial and mental stability necessary to living and working independently.

Man working

Some Arc Jacksonville participants have the diagnosis of a mental illness but their aptitude scores just above the disability range. These individuals engage in group therapy and learn symptom management techniques to help them build healthy personal relationships and manage their business affairs. Sometimes, they work with Arc Jacksonville staff to find job opportunities, improve computer proficiency, and pursue training specific to employment in a particular job or volunteer opportunities within a community setting.

For more information about Mental Health Services, please Contact 904.355.0155 or email William Adams

Mental Health Services Brochure


The Arc Academy…school to community

Students age 18 to 22 with intellectual/developmental and emotional disabilities who seek to continue their education through the Florida McKay Scholarship or private pay may do so at The Arc Academy. The Academy is a learn-by-doing program at two locations of The Arc Jacksonville, downtown and on the Westside. Designed to assist young adults in transitioning from high school to the community, The Academy helps students emphasize their unique capabilities while obtaining job training, workplace and life skills, and improving self-care expertise. These students follow a plan that is individualized rather than a standard curriculum in an environment that celebrates each step toward success.

For more information about the Post-Secondary Academy, please Contact 904.355.0155 or email Pat Goff

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