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On Campus Transition Housing

Students have the opportunity to choose between on-campus or off-campus housing when enrolled in the On College Transition (OCT) program. Both options provide students with an immersive, safe and traditional college living arrangement. Students who choose housing options benefit from the whole experience of accepting responsibility while managing to navigate independence.

Housing options are offered to our students based on an assessment of skill sets as well as community awareness. All options are furnished with a bed, dresser and desk while rugs, lamps and other non-essentials are provided by the student. Internet and cable is provided for both on- and off-campus options. Direct, overnight supervision is not included in either option. Students are responsible for meal preparation, grocery shopping and typical household chores.

On Campus UNF Housing

  • Four-bed/two-bath suite shared with peers
  • Common area
  • Community kitchen shared by hall
  • Support and guidance offered by UNF Resident Assistant and The Arc Jacksonville housing mentor
  • The housing contract is with the UNF Housing Department and requires a fee

Off-Campus Housing

  • Four-bed/four-bath apartment shared with peers
  • Living off campus requires the ability to access community resources independently and safely, while on campus allows for a more controlled setting.
  • Students are responsible for paying electric and water separately
  • Support and guidance is provided by peer mentors who live within the complex

Extended Residential: This service is provided to adults who are either employed or attending school for at least 30 hours a week and may or may not be enrolled in the OCT program. Supports are available for approximately 20 hours a month to assist with grocery shopping, budgeting, time management and appointment scheduling.

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