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The Arc Jacksonville A.R.T Program…

A.R.T. class

A.R.T. proves the possible from the improbable.  With A.R.T., adults with the most severe physical challenges learn to create works of art using the Artistic Realization Technologies (A.R.T.) technique. With the help of “surrogate hands,” these artists from the Medically Fragile Program transfer images to canvas in spite of being in a wheelchair and having significant physical and, in some cases, mental disabilities.

The “surrogate hands” for these artists are provided by a specially trained tracker. The tracker is directed by the artist, through the “yes/no process,” to select the size of the canvas, the exact color of each brushstroke, the size and shape of the brush used, shapes to be drawn, and even the mixture of colors. At times a laser light is strapped to the artist’s head, so that the artist can point the light to spots on the canvas.

A.R.T. project

While the artists don’t physically paint the pieces themselves, each decision about the painting is theirs. Their finished paintings are the creative expression of the true artist within.

A.R.T. paintings are sold with the artists receiving half of the proceeds and half retained to help fund continuation of the program.   Gifts from individuals, businesses and civic organizations help underwrite the A.R.T. program.

For more information on the A.R.T. program, please call (904) 355-0155 or e-mail

Click here to view the complete catalog of A.R.T. pieces.

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